Sensor Aid

Sensor-AID Introduction

Sensor-AID® is a diagnostic and programmable user friendly device for tire pressure monitoring system in professional car repair services, tire repair shops.

(1) With the help of a Sensor-AID, you may diagnose all tire pressure sensors in tires of various manufacturers and read the status.

(2) The greatest function of Sensor-AID® is programming/cloning/creating the ID with the Uni-sensor®.

(3) Applying Sensor-AID® you need only the type of vehicle and the identification number model/year to start the new sensor function. Please refer to Sensor-AID® user menu.

(4) With the help of a USB cable you can easily upgrade Sensor-AID on line through your PC

Sensor-AID Advantages

(1) Easy to program the Uni-sensor by select the car/model/year.

(2) Easy duplicate the OE sensor to the blank Uni-sensor.

(3) Easy to update the synchronization tool software by PC & Internet.

(4) Full functions (diagnose, scan, ID clone, ID create) without expensive cost.

(5) Few steps in operation, ex, in diagnose mode, only 5 clicks to activate Sensor-AID to scan any type of sensors.

(6) Depending on the sensor data transmits. Tool will display sensor ID, pressure, battery state, temperature information.

(7) English, Swedish, Danish, Norway,  Deutsch, Slovakia, Spanish and French languages support.