The Cub Uni-sensor® is a decisive universal solution for tire pressure monitoring system.

(1) Uni-sensor® is the universally programmable sensor for tire pressure monitoring system, with the help of a diagnostic device, Sensor-AID®, Uni-sensor® can be triggered/scanned and auto-duplicated/manual key-in/create new ID for the given motor vehicle.

(2) Uni-sensor® may replace faulty, defective or complete seasonal tires sensors without re-programming the control unit (ECU) of the motor vehicle.

(3) This sensor is mounted on a patented screwed valve – the angle can be adapted to the rim within the range of 0° to 30° and therefore it suits to most aluminum and steel rims.
(4) Uni-sensor® is qualified by Smithers Rapra North America – Ravenna Laboratory..

Uni-Sensor – Advantage

(1) It is compatible with all original tire pressure monitoring systems.

(2) It saves storage costs as one sku replaces many with high coverage rate.

(3) No turn-over losses due to the lack of original parts

(4) Uni-sensor operates in the same way as the original sensor

(5) Longer life for batteries compared to original sensors

(6) Compatible with standard diagnostic devices (TPMS)

(7) Fit in with variety tire valve